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Asset integrity : Small Bore Tubing Statistics : can you afford to wait?

June 18, 2021

Asset integrity : Small Bore Tubing Statistics : can you afford to wait?
AFS Technologies are recognised as the leading independent expert in Small Bore Tubing (SBT) and Flexible Hose Assemblies (FHA), services. Our team are driven by our focus on reducing the carbon footprint of our clients by driving down releases of fluids to the atmosphere from instrumentation systems.
With our unique offering of field services, consultancy, training and assembly products, we offer a solution that is independent of any of the fluid connector manufacturers.
Having inspected over 1 million components since we started over 30 years ago we have some eye-opening statistics for you.
- An asset such as a production platform or FPSO has on average >15,000 components.
- On average we find a fault rate of over >40% on initial inspection
- Of those faults >80% are under-tight fittings
- On average we find 1 hydrocarbon leak per inspection trip
All those under-tight fittings and hydrocarbon leaks have huge potential for something more catastrophic.
A major operator in UKCS had a SBT release recently which led to several days shutdown until a repair could be completed.
We provide periodic inspection with trained inspectors using our Risk Based Inspection software Integraleā„¢
Still not convinced? We will inspect your asset for one trip for a fixed price with full detailed reports available online with Integraleā„¢
On assets where we provide a managed service, we have reduced anomalies to 0.2%
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